The Dream Lives

Whilst preparing for the launch of this website I stumbled across an article written by a classmate of mine from university.

“This is why millennials think the American dream is bullshit”

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A Special Moment

Football is often comparable to life the ebb and flow of the game, the unfairness, the hardship, the great moments that are quickly put aside for the next game.

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Operation Brosef: Episode One The Phantom Menace

The journey began in the deserts of Saudi Arabia against the might of Real Madrid. There was a smoothness to the beginning an ease on this world class of difficulties. Lining up in a 4-3-3 with Rooney as the false 9, Depay was found out on the right in place of the injured Juan Mata with Tony Marshall (Martial) on the left. It took but an explosion of pace for Depay to be away and brought down cruelly inside the box by an unnamed Real Madrid defender. Rooney smashed home the penalty and the season was away!

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From Little Things Big Things Grow

The beginning, the start of something is never an easy time. It is a time full of questions without answers but here it goes.

This blog is about going beyond what elevenbytwo will one day represent. It is to explore ideas on a variety of topics, a space for creative freedom.

Beyond football and perhaps beyond sport, a place for exploration.