The Dream Lives

Whilst preparing for the launch of this website I stumbled across an article written by a classmate of mine from university.

“This is why millennials think the American dream is bullshit”

As I carefully crafted my article archive I was left to ponder what exactly is the ‘American Dream’. Thankfully Google was on hand:

“The ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved”

– Google –

This notion stayed with me as I read through my journalistic endeavors thinking back to the very first moments I started on this pathway. It was 2008 and as a youngster in love with the game of football I had been struck by a severe injury. In haste I found other opportunities to be involved with the game.

With a 256kb internet connection and a dank Windows XP computer I headed online. A 16 year old, half way through high school I had only ever seen fleeting highlights of the Premier League. I began clicking around the internet looking to learn about the English game.

This was before social media existed a very different world but I happened to stumbled upon these strange things called blogs. Little did I know they were in there infancy as I managed to get my first job in football. Oh yes I scaled the heights of journalist for the latest kit designs. For every 40 shirts written about I scored myself a ‘Free’ football kit of my choice. I still hold that Australian shirt dear to my heart even though I never grew into the ‘Large’ size.

This followed with an opportunity on a sister website called where I began writing. They were unintentional click bait length articles filled with grammatical errors, a lack of research, and obscurely strong opinions with limited rationality. I could well have landed a position at the Sun with such skills. In any case it certainly brought a smile to my face looking back upon these early endeavors.It displayed how far I have come as both an educated individual and a well rounded person. It is not often you get a direct reflection into your past which makes you consider how drastically things have changed.

My university colleague has discussed weaknesses of the education system. I certainly don’t disagree, there is well known weaknesses in the education system not just in Australia but across the globe.

Having completed a business degree ‘a smart, reasonable & logical choice’ I personally was left wanting more then those virtues in a job, more than the system provided. This is not to devalue my university degree. I value it highly as one of my tutors once said ‘you go to university to learn how to learn’ and I steadfastly believe in this notion. The depth of research, balanced and rational opinions and the ability to critically analyse the world. These virtues have been directly reflected in the change in my writing style as I noted compiling my portfolio.

The feelings of wanting more, a sense of fulfillment can be felt as a fault of the education system. You put all that incredible effort into high school and university studies to come out with strong marks but there is no suitable job at the paths end. The education system doesn’t supply job as it once did, in the way it did. The world is ever changing and the education system has been left behind.

The information age is upon us in so many different ways. The power of the internet reins supreme it has created opportunities in so many wonderful ways. The equality of opportunity is now in the power of your hand as we carry ‘smartphones’ with us each day, a portal to knowledge.

The sense of fulfillment and wanting has come from this inexpensive and easy access to the world. Three years ago I sat entering the final stretch of my university degree I was left to ponder ‘Where is this taking me? What is my career going to be?’

In a previous generation this curious question could often not be answered and possibly didn’t need to be. With hard work and application you could work for a single company for your entire lifetime working from the bottom to the top. If your close circle of family and friends was pointing you in that direction where else could you go for guidance?

Today we have the internet and for me podcasts which became my best friend and still are to this day. They are mostly free and are available to anyone with internet access. Packed full of informative and educational information from any of the topics that your hearts desire. They are a prime example of the hyper connected and information filled world we live in.

I discovered the Tao of Sports and from that Sports Geek and my craving for the sports industry was reignited. Through hundreds of episodes and an ever increasing network of podcasts I managed to attain an incredible amount of information often whilst multi tasking. This didn’t mean I could roll into a job in the sports industry that requires hard work, application and abilities accumulated over time. It did however give me a ‘guide’ on what was available in the world and what I could best sink my abilities into.

The only other time I have felt such an incredible guidance was when I had the fortunate ability to travel overseas. Having saved as well as inherited money I was able to travel to 19 fantastic countries in Europe. Seeing how other cultures operated, how people think differently around the world and what they do in their lives gave me great ‘guidance’ on future endeavors.

As excellent as traveling it is not accessible to everyone but the power of the internet certainly is. Allowing an equal opportunity for the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved from the palm of your hand.

The ‘American Dream’ lives on it is in your own hands

Originally published on on May 8th 2016


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