Operation Brosef: Players to Watch Update [6 EPL GAMES]

After a handful of games we are going to review our initial list of ‘players to watch’ this season. It is never easy to make pre season predictions, just look at Leicester City as an example of that. After a handful of games we are looking over the motley bunch of Mata, Young, Schweinsteiger, Schniederlin & Jones. 

Juan Mata

Coming off a broken leg he was not fit to partake in the pre season and therefore couldn’t find a place in our starting squad. With such an impressive start (5-0-1) he has struggled to find his way into the starting line up. His best position is the CAM role behind a striker in a 4-2-3-1. Unfortunately we are playing a slightly different shape and his had to fit in when needed. Featuring on the LW, CM & False 9 roles without much impact. He will be needed when fixture congestion approaches but finding his role in the team is proving difficult.


What’s the Mata you? Gotta no respect

Bastian Schweinsteiger

Costing just shy of 30 million pounds the German has been a stable part of the starting eleven. Not having the stamina to last the 90 minutes is a problem. His strength on the ball as well as his passing has added real zing to the team. Having an impact as seen by his OVR increase but will need careful management when the fixture congestion hits.


Fine from the Swine

Morgan Schneiderlin

Another signing, another rock solid performer. Costing 20 million pounds the Frenchman has put in a number of unspectacular yet important performances. Exactly what you need in the CDM role which is all the more noticeable when the aging Carrick appears on the field missing tackles left, right and centre.


Solid as a Rock

Phil Jones

Appearing in pre season he was a solid performer, especially in the matches which we only had 10 or 9 men. He has made only two appearances in the regular season. This is down to the superb and somewhat surprising form of Danny Blind at CB. Although he is not tall he is proving sharp in the tackle and adapt at reading play. Blind at left back felt unbalanced and a CB partnership is important so Jones will continue to be used sparingly. Again he will be needed when fixtures hit.


Dependable Back Up

Ashley Young

Making rare appearances off the bench when rotation is needed. The 30 year old is certainly down the pecking order. Potentially rated as a good player on FIFA we certainly haven’t given him the chance to shine yet. Quite honestly I am not sure when he is going to play. I have a feeling he will be involved in a spectacularly good or bad moment during the campaign.


What will his moment be?

Star Performer [Wayne Rooney]

Having started every game, with 3 goals and 2 assists across the season. He is quite simply leading our title charge. The movement into deep areas is leading our formation whilst giving room for others to play. When he is off the pitch is has been a struggle to find someone to play that advanced role. There will be a major effort in the January transfer window to find him some support for the title charge.


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