Operation Brosef: Episode Two The Clone Wars

Much like the second episode of Star Wars this episode was a little bit of a let down on the impressive start to the series. Newcastle & Swansea were played against in the league with a Capital One Cup tie against the high flyers in the championship Burnley.

Thankfully we managed to get footage this time, the old tick box was ticked. Unfortunately still in test phase the microphone was not coming through. Probably for the best in a little bit of a down session for the lads.

The session opened with a game against Newcastle United. After an impressive opening showing we were hoping to press on and secure an early lead at the top of the table. After pressuring the goal early we looked to have earnt a penalty from the so far outstanding Felliani. It wasn’t to be an only a few minutes later Shaw was in a pickle on the left wing.

This left us with 10 men against a Newcastle featuring the likes of Doumbia & Shelvey, well maybe not Shelvey. With 60 minutes left to play it was certainly a worry so on came Phil Jones as Martial was sacrificed for the centre back.

Amazingly against the run of play Wayne Rooney managed to work his way into the box after some smart work from Darmian (Damo quite literally) teeing up the superstar to open the scoring right before half time.

Going into the second half we wanted to control the ball, holding onto our lead and looking to open up space. It was a good chance to see if we could adjust our style to a more possession based approach and boy were we able to do it. Take a look at this video for a well worked attacking move.

Many lol’s on Jonjo Shelvey’s attacking efforts as we cracked into a two goal lead. Unfortunately we conceded late on pressing for a third but managed to hold on for a 2-1 win and a third straight victory to open the season.

The game to follow was a Capital One Cup tie, against Burnley. We rotated the starting eleven and after opening the match with a rather long string of passes got a little ahead of ourselves. Burnley managed to punish us on the counter and as we chased the game bringing on Juan Mata. This didn’t help things and down we went 2-0 to the Championship side.

After such a negative experience the session probably should have ended but we pushed on to a tough away tie with Swansea. Lining up in a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow vs a 4-3-3 false nine it was a tough game to work the ball through the middle. It always felt like we were being overloaded in midfield and just couldn’t break Swansea down. We managed to defend sharply but an error in the 70th odd minute lead to a goal.

A throw out by the keeper at the best of times is a dangerous thing. Especially in the 70th minute when the CPU starts to push players forward. As Dea Gea (Dom) released the ball I told him to make sure the next pass hit a target. No later had I said this then Smalling turned the ball over, a lunging slide tackle to stop play was made as I knew what was coming. The Swansea player darted down the wing and put a cross in for a goal.

It was a sloppy move and we really deserved a tough point away but such errors are punished by the CPU. Take note for those out there reading, be careful with throws from the keeper when scores are tied after the 70th minute as they tend to press heavily.

Sitting second on the ladder, a full 3 points behind Manchester City. A 3-0-1 record is not the worst of starts to the season but we will have to improve the win to loss ratio to take out the title. The quadruple is officially off with the loss to Burnley the Premier League is firmly the target this season though.

Audio coverage to follow and hopefully better quality streams. It is a work in progress at the moment in Operation Brosef the quality will only improve from here.

Follow our Twitch channel at: http://www.twitch.tv/elevenbytwo/




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