Operation Brosef: Player Preview

We are about to take stock of LVG’s troops in classic fan fashion. Ripping them apart at the seams and telling everyone how good a job we could be doing. The proof will be in the pudding. Damon rather likes pudding so on that note we are away!


There is no doubt in between the sticks from either party. De Gea is an impressive goalkeeper and Manchester United were very lucky to hold onto him in the dying embers of the August deadline day.


This defence to even the most one eyed Manchester United supporter is desperately lacking . Smalling is the only recognised centre back and even his abilities can perhaps be questioned. Fortunately his build is kind for FIFA (tall, strong & heads a ball). Unfortunately Danny Blind is not as effective (short, not strong, doesn’t head a ball). Rojo, Shaw, Darmian, Valencia, McNair the list goes on for defensive vulnerabilities in different aspects of there play. Fortunately those at EA HQ have been kind on the ratings of such players so we still have a chance to work towards that January transfer window.

‘Dom’ had some interesting comments to make on the situation: ‘Smalling is solid but I don’t rate Phil Jones should have used the money on Schweinsteiger to buy a central defensive partner for the lad’ .He went on to note that Darmian no, no, no ‘Damo’ in classic Australian fashion is not a great right back.


There is oddities everywhere in this department. Carrick & Schweinsteiger look past there best and will be slow in game. Blind & Felliani are often required all over the park so it is hard to define there roles in building a successful team. Schneiderlin has not quite settled in nor it seems has Herrera who doesn’t appear as an attacking midfielder, a box to box player or a defensive player.

Dom had a very blunt assessment of Mr Young ‘his not a full back, shit winger’ this will be an interesting one to follow. Ashley Young is not the best footballer but FIFA’s engine certainly provides the opportunity for him to be utilised. There are also a raft of youngsters such as Januzaj, Powell, Pereira who are not quite up to a title challenge and the every polarising Juan Mata who ‘isn’t the same as when he was at Chelsea’.


Its all about the Wayne, about the Wayne, Wayne Rooney. The powerhouse of the United attack for many a year this season is going to be dependant on utilising the high overall rating of this lad to bag a large amount of goals. Dom thought Martial was a shit signing but he has changed his tone since seeing him impress earlier on this year. He will provide a second striker option and a possible wide option as well. Depay has failed to settle in at United but that doesn’t mean his FIFA talents can’t be maximised as an exciting young wide player.

Players to watch

Juan Mata: a polarising figure at Manchester United had some impressive moments at Chelsea but under Moyes and LVG we have not seen the best of the player. Is one of Liam’s favourites in the attacking midfield role, will Dom warm to him as much, only time will tell.

Ashley Young: already somewhat disposed of in our minds, certainly down the list of preferred players. Young is going to play an interesting part in this season, for better or worse.

Bastian Schweinsteiger: 30 with a chronic knee is which has seen him start no more then 25 games in the last 3 seasons. This is an impressive player coming towards the end of his great career. His always worked hard in the engine room and holds an impressive overall rating. Is he going to have the stamina for a co-op season?

Morgan Schneiderlin: This guy is going to have to do some heavy lifting in midfield to balance out the team defensively. Is a good distributor and can put in a shift defensively, it is unknown whether he can do this role by himself in a 4-1-2-1-2 (narrow).

Phil Jones: Meme-tastic is the best way to sum him up. Finds himself in the stands most of the time with injuries. His a short centre back, a limited right back and not much of a holding mid. That said his young enough and likes to run about. It will be interesting to see his role in the squad. Is his defending going to be the story of our season?

phil jones

Stop! Hammer Time

Join us on twitch ( http://www.twitch.tv/elevenbytwo/ ) from 8pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (8/2/16) for a live feed of Saudi Arabian pre season tour with 8 million dollars up for grabs. Our group is filled by Juventus, Bayern Munich & Real Madrid with Juan Mata unavailable until the regular season things could get ugly early!


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