FUT A-League Eleven Part 1

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the game mode for endless football creativity. From Football League elevens to putting together a team of internationals together or even a random bunch of players, the choice is yours.

Venturing into the A-League is an interesting choice, purchasing all available players cost a mere 20,000-30,000 coins. The frustration being not all players are in the mode as late signings to the season which starts in October not being added until after January.

You can create a three star team at best. I took the Fox Fans League’s Australian Champions formation (4-1-2-1-2 narrow) to try and master the league.


Personally I prefer two holding midfielders to shield the defence typically in a 4-2-3-1 but two strikers are really needed to take this team online and try and compete against all of the gold teams out there.

A rotating team is also needed to enable 100% match fitness for each online game. I opted for a wide 4-1-2-1-2 to allow for a right and left midfielder.


In the humble Division 4 and after a few weeks off the console things did not start well with a loss taking the division record to 1-0-3 (was 1-0-2 when I started today) as I adjusted to the A-League players against the mighty gold star elevens.

Things started to turn around after this point and an impressive 2-3-0 record was obtained, perhaps unfortunate to not bag an additional win and really push for promotion to the 3rd division.

Notes from A-League Team 1:

  • Zullo and Franjic add a good level of pace to the full back roles
  • Devere is quite a strong centre back and not too slow, seems to partner well with Faty
  • Valeri is limited in the solo CDM role not quite sharp enough to match up to the Gold Star midfields
  • The midfield 3 lacked a bit of spark, Mooy plays nothing like in real life where he is in stunning form
  • Ninkovic is a strong CAM but Carrusca needs to find a place in this team
  • Berisha lacks reactivity, its disappointing his always half a step short and he looks more like Connor Pain in game with the haircut then tough man Berisha which is annoying but totally aesthetic
  • Bruno is strong up front and has a bit of pace, is a strong striker in a two

Notes from A-League Team 2:

  • Delpierre and Alberto are rather slow CB but are rather strong, would get destroyed against higher quality gold teams
  • Both full backs don’t feel quite as good a fit as the City boys, Risdon is fast but small
  • CDM is better then Valeri in some regards but I feel as though someone else should be tried in the solo role, maybe Tavaras
  • BKF is not great at defending on the left hand side and didn’t appear to link up with the forwards all that well
  • Holosko was quality on the right, scored a very nice goal with him, plays quite well for someone only stated 70 can defend as well as attack
  • Dario was a strong CAM rather happy with his output
  • The forwards are rather lacking, it shows the weakness in the league as a whole
  • Mcclaren quick but lacks any real strength on the ball, nothing in the air
  • The Italian Stallion up front lacks a little bit of pace but considering how terrible he has been in real life is doing quite well on fifa against Gold Star opposition

Moving Forward

  • Getting the CB partnerships right
  • Trying different players at solo CDM
  • Looking at other CM options in A-League Team 1 (Carrusca)

Other options:

  • Elrich LB Option 69 rated but reduces chemistry with Delpierre and BKF (could play over Zullo)
  • Tavares 66 (CDM) for Valeri, is less physical though, Paartalu (66), Isaias (67), Riera (67) other options
  • Kosta (69) Another RM option
  • Liking Ninkovic CAM (72) and Vidosic (70) but also have Corona (71), Finkler (68), Koren (68),
  • Striker Options very limited currently Smeltz (65), Gameiro (64), Williams (63), Solorzano (62), O’Donovan (61)…
  • Broich LW (72) is a high quality player to not fit into the formation, others include Mckay CM (70), Carrusca CM (69), Sarpong RW (68), Sandor CM (67), Krishna LW (66)

Waiting on post August Transfers and January transfers to be added to the A-League which should see a nice boost to 3.5 stars with the level of talent (Bozanic, Keogh, Luis Garcia to name a few)


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